Oreo cheesecake

Re-blogging my Oreo cheesecake recipe from my strictly baking blog. Bon appetite


This is technically a second edition recipe. A re-invention of my original Oreo cheesecake which was an absolute hit.

The main differences is that this is now a baked cheesecake and it bakes twice because of the two layers.

That also means it’s much more time consuming but for what you get, for that reward, it’s totally worth it.
So let’s just get straight to it because time is of the essence if you want to taste this dreamy dessert.

Firstly take a loan out because you need quite a lot of ingredients. You may have to sacrifice and sell a few slices to cover costs, and I take a 20% royalties fee 😉.

Bellow is your shopping list,

4 packets of Oreos (or equivalent, it just so happened to be Oreos were on offer when I made this so they were cheaper than the budget version)

110g butter


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