Blogging 101 class of 2014

I accidentally missed day one, therefore skipped straight to day two and here I am at day three, so to recap I’m making this a hybrid, days one & three!
Random picture of a kitten I rented for a day 😘

Day one; introduction.
I began blogging a few months ago to raise my professional profile (so to speak) and have an outlet for my baking expression. As an opinionated individual I decided it was a waste to limit myself to just baking so I created a blog designed to be an expression of all aspects of my life, from baking to politics!
I implore you to subscribe and read my blog because I’d like to guarantee there’s something for everyone, especially where baking is involved. Ask me to try a recipe, or ask me for a recipe, read about my views on things like university (tuition fees), diets and exercise, saving money!
I decided to keep a blog, like a public journal. It’s as personal as a diary and as open as a book!
In a years time I hope to still be getting hits for old blogs like my chewy cookie recipe and tips to writing your CV, have a good community of subscribers who I regularly interact with and most importantly still blog!
Here are three facts about me; I still have 2 baby teeth, I can’t tie my shoe laces ‘properly’ (I’m a bunny ears tied together girl) and I can’t whistle!

To coincide with day three here are five new blogs I have followed, and five post I love!

1. Easy Pizza Dough
By The Perky Pancake
Easy pizza, 5 day dough, Sourdough pizza, Sourdough flatbread, Pizza dough, Pizza, Sourdough

2. Would choux like an eclair?
By Sticky Pinny
choux, Choux pastry, baking, Great British Bake Off, crème pâtissière, GBBO, eclairs, pastry, chocolate, choux buns

3. Gadget of the month: Heston Blumenthal Dual Platform Precision Scale
By She Wolf In The Kitchen
Heston Blumenthal Dual Platform Precision Scale, scale, Heston Blumenthal, baking, kitchenware, cooking, Salter, kitchen gadget, kitchen scale

4. Cookie Dough Cereal Bowl…filled with Cookie Crisp obv.
By The Vulgar Chef
food, recipe, baking, chef, cookies, cooking, cereal

5. Chocolate Twists – My self challenge at 2AM
By dreamernxtdoor
creme patissiere, food, recipes, baking, tea time, pastry, chocolate, desserts, sweet